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Music video of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" by Hymns of Praise Chorale.
In this episode of Surer Word, Bishop Art Ferriol through the verity of the Holy Scriptures sheds light to the questions about faith entitled "Ang Christmas ba ay isang tradisyon na pinagdiriwang ng mga Kristiyano?"
December 24, 2014

Family Lessons for Christmas

Christmas is an occasion that most families took forward to. During Christmas, the bond of family is celebrated, strengthened and mended. If couples have been quarreling and squabbling, the reconcile and make peace with one another. Brothers who are at odds bury their hatchets and reconcile. Frayed relationships are refreshed and renewed. Christmas indeed is a celebration of the family as it is ...
December 23, 2014

Liwanag ng Pasko by John Mecq

Watch the music video of "Liwanag ng Pasko" by John Mecq © 2013 Final Hour Music Ministry
December 23, 2014

O Holy Night by Yuri

Music Video of the song "O Holy Night" by Yuri
By Bishop Osinando Quillao One of the qualities of Christmas is its ability to make people a bit more generous and thankful. It’s typical to see people giving as well as receiving during this time of the year. If giving and being grateful is something we could do to our fellow men, isn’t it more fitting that we show God more how much we are thankful to Him, since He is the reason why ...
By Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol No event whose message has ever been so misunderstood and misinterpreted by so many people today, that the virgin birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, which took place over 2,000 years ago in a small town of Bethlehem. Many people today due to their lack of understanding of what the Bible says about the event, have fallen prey to the temptation to cash on the glory and ...
In this episode, Bishop Art Ferriol explains why every Christian must commemorate the day of Christmas.
The Goodman of the House in the End-Time, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, greets every one with a Blessed Christmas through his Christmas message.
“At may mga pastor ng tupa sa lupain ding yaon na nangasa parang, na pinagpupuyatan sa gabi ang kanilang kawan. At tumayo sa tabi nila ang isang anghel ng Panginoon, at ang kaluwalhatian ng Panginoon ay nagliwanag sa palibot nila: at sila’y totoong nangatakot. At sinabi sa kanila ng anghel, Huwag kayong mangatakot; sapagka’t narito, dinadalhan ko kayo ng mabubuting balita ng ...