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February 19, 2014

Praise in Motion 2 Mechanics

Mechanics for Luzon Adult Camp 2014 Praise in Motion 2 competition is now ready for download.
April 10: It was the last day of Youth Camp 2013 of PMCC (4th Watch) when the new set of officers to administer the National Young Watchers Department was formally announced. The newly appointees stated their pledge to the crowd to do their duties as overseers and to be good examples in faith. In return, the congregation also vowed to submit to the officers’ authority and support their ...
April 11, 2011

Youth Camp 2011

Day One At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Bishop Art Ferriol conducted the orientation going over the rules and regulation expected to be followed by the campers. He stressed the importance of the cooperation of each and every one. With the compliance of the campers, this will not only make the work of those in-charge easier but will also result in an experience that will be pleasant and ...