Posted by Katrina of Laguna

Praise the Lord!

God is indeed very good to me. I am so blessed with many challenges and struggles in life that I have overcomed with His graces. I have learned a lot since I am attending Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. I have come to witness God's great love for me. I am so proud and so happy to be a 4TH WATCHER and to be God's servant.

I just want to tell the whole world of how God.. through His Sent One, Apostle, and to all the Ministers and Pastors and Brothers and Sisters -shows us His great love and power.

Things are getting better because of Faith and Trust to Thee, with the help of the sacred Bible. I also want to say thank you to all those people who became God's instrument so I'll be able to hear His magnificent words.

Wishing and praying for God's help in celebrating the 23rd International Convention. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!