Prayer Requests

Posted by Jenny lyn Sunga of Dubai UAE

Dear Beloved Pastors,

Thank you for always Including me in your prayers, It is a Great Honor for me to be included in your Daily Prayers

• Please pray for my son (Keer Lacap's) Heart Disease, Psoriasis Skin Disease & for the continuation of his Home- Study (Financially)

• Also kindly please pray for (Kiara Lacap) my Daughter's Schooling (University), Good Health and Guidance,

• Please Pray for my Salary Increment to happen soon that I'd be able to Support and Provide for my Children's Daily Needs, School fees, Maintenance Medicines, Tutorial, etc

• Please Pray that I'd be able to manage all of my Expenses / Payables here in Dubai and Manila

• Please Pray that I'd be able to give pledge for Thanksgiving Offering / Project Haggai and Tithes

• Please Pray for my MYOMA and Severe UTI

• Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers, May God continue to Bless Us All


Jenny Sunga