Having Worth Through Worthlessness

by Oliver Pablo

The Lord Jesus Christ give an example of the kind of attitude that His followers should adopt. Perusing the passage of Luke 17:7-9, one may find the example extremely inhumane by some people's standards. In the text, it is clear that the servant is more exhausted than the master. And yet, is is true that when the servant returns, the master doesn't ask him to rest. He can, and actually would ask the servant could turn to his on needs.
In serving the Lord, we are given this example. In fact, we should not even expect to receive any form of gratitude or generosity, as expressed in Luke 17:10. As servants doing His will, we should have the outlook that we are not to be thanked for serving God. Instead we are the ones who should be grateful, all the time claiming that we are worthless before God.
Some people take the stance that they are noble because they serve God. The Bible teaches us the exact opposite; we are worthless servants. Fortunately, seemingly worthless servants of God in this world would be glorified in the kingdom of heaven, as promised in Hebrews 2:12. Let us be persevering servants of the Lord here on earth so that we may be worthy His gratitude in that day.
Resource Reading: Luke 17:1-10
" So likewise you, when you shall have done all the things commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants, for we have done what we ought to do." -Luke 17:10(MKJV)