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Achieving Heights for God’s Glory

Testimony of Bro. Jan Derek Cachero

There is a saying that the way to success is not always easy. Like a man striving to achieve his dreams, there will be hardships, obstacles and downfalls that he might experience. 

From the locale church of Baguio City, Bro. Jan Derek Cachero graduated with Marine Transportation Course in year 2011. Because he grew up serving God, he believed that it has a big part in achieving his success in studies. 

October 2006, he took an entrance examination in MAAP (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific). By the mercy and grace of God, he is one of the blessed that passed that prestigious school.

His first year in that school was trained in military way removing his communication outside their barracks. Because of this, the first time living without his parents and friends, God was the only hope Jan Derek had. He was very determined to graduate in spite of the aches his body and loneliness he is experiencing during his training. It was only his initial year yet he already shed tears through prayers that God grant him enough strength to further endure the things yet to come. 

They were also restricted to leave their barracks, so dealing with his weekly worship was a great challenge for Bro. Jan Derek. During those times, he strived to keep his faith. Every Sunday, he deeply meditates the words of God and prays in his room. With this, he protected his testimony as a Christian among his acquaintances. They never got the chance to induce him to their worldly hobbies.

As the result of his diligence and determination, on May 2008 he was exempted in all of his examinations. Because of this, he was given the chance to get out earlier than anyone in his barracks. He wasted no time. In all of those days outside their barracks, he repaid all of the time he was unable to attend in the church services.

Due to his Christian testimony, in his second year at MAAP, many lower or junior class men asked for his advices. He used this opportunity to share the words of God to his school mates. 

In order to be successful in their first year of training, he encourages everyone to accept the challenges that they are experiencing. And he also sees to it that he shares God’s words and have a moment of prayer, for he believes that it is the best way to achieve their goals.

In his third year, he was assigned in Dolphin Shipping Management (Manila), a Japanese-owned company of Far East Transport Group. But before his OJT for 10 months and 28 days, he asked Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Baguio Locale Head Pastor, to pray for him in his job training.

He was made successful by God in his last year in MAAP. Out of 250 cadets, only 171 of them finished their course. And by the grace of God, he received exemplary awards – Best in Major Subjects Award, Best in Minor Subjects (Math & Science), Exemplary Award, and Chairman Saver Award. This Chairman Award is given only to those who excel in their studies. It symbolizes Leadership, Responsibility, Virtues Fides, and Discipline.

“In front of their warm applause, upon receiving the award, I paused for a while, raised my sword and shouted, “To God be all the glory!”. Because it is such a great privilege to graduate as a Cum Laude in a prestigious school. I know that I am not worthy but I thank God for giving me this blessings. Because based on my four years of experience, I know I cannot do it on my own if God was not there for me.”

“True were God’s words that He will not make His children tails but heads. Although, I am acknowledging that those I have achieved were only earthly. If there’s more important, it is serving God. To be separated from the church and the services were my toughest experienced but I am thankful to the strengthening words of God. All of the glories were for the Lord.”

God’s blessings and assistance is truly abundant to His children who trust Him. Behind the success of Bro. Jan Derek, is the bountiful help and guidance of the Lord to him. He is currently part of the Youth Department Officers and faithfully serving God. (J. Camposagrado; B. Sico)