by Lorie Lopez   

Everyday we are faced with decisions to make. What vitamins to drink. Where to take the dog for a walk. When to set appointment for prophylaxis.
Okay. Too trivial. How about: what course to take for college, or what career to pursue?  Or maybe: who to marry, or to get married at all?  And probably questions on morality: what to say, or to do or not to do?  On netiquette: what to post, or or how to rephrase?

Getting more difficult, eh?  Everyday we will surely meet with choices that could make us proud of our decisions, or bring us to shame.  It eats so much of our time pondering over them, making us think about them once, twice, sometimes even three or more times over! From the seemingly simple queries on the food to eat or the clothes to wear, to the mind-boggling search for meaning or the examination of one's soul.

Sometimes, we get another chance when we make a mistake in our decisions. Sometimes, it's one mistake too many. We make life-changing decisions everyday. But just as everyday is a chance for us to redeem ourselves, so that same day gives us a chance to make a fool of ourselves.  So, better choose wisely!  Wise decisions come from true knowledge.  True knowledge comes from pure doctrines.  Pure doctrines come from learned masters. Learned masters are authorized to teach, and that authority is absolute.

In the end, really, it all boils down to two options: a yes or a no. Heads or tails. Black or white. It's 50-50. It has been made simple ... or is it still too complicated? Which would it be?

Memory Verse:
Deuteronomy 11:26
"Today I am giving you the choice between a blessing and a curse" 

Resource Reading:
Deuteronomy 11:8-28