December 03, 2012

What I Thought I Knew

by Angelo Zantua   Years and years of existence have granted man knowledge about life and the world around him. There are things, especially about life and money, that man in general hold to be true. No questions asked. The Holy Scriptures show us, in contrast to the principles of man, the principles of the Bible. For man, in order to receive the greatest return, he must keep all his money to ...
November 19, 2012

Letting God hold the Wheel

by Erik Evangelista   We all encounter problems. I do not think there is anyone out there who doesn't have a problem, or have never had and never will find himself in a situation when the odds are against him or her. Having problems is part of our lives. Being a Christian we are told that we should put all our worries to the Lord. That's what the Bible says and what our pastors teach us. ...
October 15, 2012

Paid By Blood in Full

by Angelo ZantuaThe worth of any object is measured by its value. That is why between two objects, the one with the higher value is deemed more valuable. People of long ago bartered and traded; both traders scrutinized the objects for trade to determine its worth and value. Nowadays, we use money, each country with its own currency. We were bought; but not with any kind of currency or money, not ...