The Word Cadets

Amos: Sa Lugar ng Bethel

Amos illustrated in Filipino by The Word Cadets.


During the reign of Judah's King Uzziah (about 792-742 BC).


Amos lives in the village of Tekoa in ths southern Jewish natiom of Judah. But he takes his message to Samaria, capital of the northern Jewish nation of Israel, and to Israel's worship center in Bethel.

A farmer turns prophet

Amos lives in the obscure village of Tekoa, about half day's walk south of Jerusalem. There, he has visions—messages from God—that he feels compelled to take on the road.

Though he lives in the southern Jewish nation of Judah, he crosses the border into Israel and goes to the capital city of Samaria.

There, he delivers warnings about God's coming punishment for both Jewish nations, as well as several neighboring nations in what now are Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Paleatinian's Gaza Strip. But it's the northern Jewish nation of Israel--just a few decades from annilihation--that gets the brunt of his condemnation.