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Are We Good or Evil?: The Question Behind the Boston Marathon Bombing

“Is man inherently good or evil” was the probing question of Will Cain, a CNN contributor, a day after America was shocked by yet another mayhem – the bombing of the world renowned Boston marathon that killed 3 people, and seriously injured more than a hundred more.

Will Cain had asked the question that philosophers and the academe love to discuss among themselves. But I don’t think that this question should be answered from a mere academic standpoint. I believe it is a sobering question that demands an honest answer.

The Bible clearly and accurately teaches the true nature of man without any equivocation. At the onset, the holy Scriptures teach that as God’s creation, man was created to be “good” – Genesis 1:31. God particularly created man after His own “image and likeness” and also “blessed” man and made him as His vice-regents over the whole earth. There’s no question that man was created by God to be inherently good – v.27-28.

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