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Dokimos Christian Band

The Dokimos Christian Band first set foot on the music scene in the mid 1990s for the cause of evangelizing the unbelievers and to edify the brethren in the church through gospel music. The band’s name dokimos is a Greek word which means approved by God inspired from 2 Timothy 2:15. It was a name given by Bishop Osie Quillao who also founded the group which started in Manila locale church.

Starting humbly with a group of talented musicians without formal music education; they brave the music world performing the albums of known Christian artists like Don Moen and Ron Kenoly. They started touring places such as Baguio and Lucena to hold Gospel Concerts. This was how the DCB (as they are fondly addressed) began their journey in the realm of Christian music.   

It was not long after when a tragic event affected deeply the music ministry of the band. It occurred in 1998 when a fire accident burned the Manila locale’s worship hall to the ground. The band was able to perform again in 2001, thus giving birth to its second generation. The Dokimos Christian Band takes pride in its accomplishment not only in the music arena but most importantly in its commitment to be of service to God’s vineyard. Most of its band members have entered the Church’s Bible School.   

Since then, the band did not fail to grow and enhance their gifts. By the year 2010, the DCB has four members who went into a formal music school. Two of them were able to complete the requirements in Music Education while another member finished Bachelor of Music. This is also during this time when the band took another phase when they introduce the band’s third generation members.

The year 2011 was the band’s most unforgettable year when finally they were able to launch their much-awaited maiden album aptly titled “Fireproof.” It was a title recounting that just like the Word of God which cannot be destroyed or tainted even by a strong substance such as fire; the Dokimos band as approved conveyor of Gospel music is also here to stay as attested by the length of its service.

The band’s most memorable gig so far was on Philam Life Auditorium during their first album launch introducing soulful Gospel songs such as Distant Prayer and Fireproof. DCB was continuously been influenced by the Apostle and the Church bishops.

The current line-up of the DCB’s third generation members is as follows:

Sax/Vocals - O. J. Quillao
Lead Guitar – Joel Dula
Lead Guitar – Mario Rodriguez
Bass – Leo Marquez
Keyboards – Chester Bundoc
Cello – Kemuel Quillao
Percussions - Alexander Natcher
Drums   - Marvin Datar

Follow their ministry on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DokimosBand