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Pillars Band

Most bands in Christian and even secular music scenes come and go, but Pillars remains strong and proud to its fruitful music ministry. For more than a decade, the band continues to be an epitome of what is a true dedication to Christian music.

The group has produced more than five albums, with songs that have great influence and impact on Christian life. Just like a believer with a life verse, their songs became inspiration of many people to their faith on God.


The lead vocal of Pillars, Pastor Sammy Bagcat, is akin to the famous band, Air Supply. That type of voice and singing style incorporate with the band’s genre of pop, slow rock, mellow and ballad music.


The band started on 1998, when Pastor Sammy was then a Bible student in the Maranatha Bible school. Together with Sam’s colleagues, the band produced two studio albums on cassette tape as their pet project. Though the band was on a series of changing its members through the years because of the need of missionaries in different places, the band’s entity managed to live on.

It was a year 2000 when the band officially called Pillars, based on I Timothy 3:15.


The Pillars’ music has a great impact of many people in different churches they shared with. Their songs are played in many churches, especially the two-decade old songs “Tumawag Ka” and “Handa Ka na Ba?” from their pet project album.

They recorded their albums in recording studios namely Pink Noise, Sound Kitchen, and Cornerstone. Their albums Tulungan Mo (2001) and Aking Ama (2003) were both under the Praise label. Then, they produced Buong Puso (2005), By Your Grace (2007), and Ang Buhay Ko (2011).

The band has already toured nationwide – from Luzon to Davao – and invited even outside the country like Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, Saipan, and Guam.

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