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Highest Praise Chorale

Year 2004 when the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Marikina Locale saw the need for a new church youth choir that would help bring God's message of salvation through music, and would motivate the young watchers to stay active in church through different activiites where they could use their God-given talents. With the initiative of then Head Pastor of Marikina, Ptr. Raquel Dela Cruz, she commissioned Bro. Boyet Cruz, who was the mentor of the 1st music department arm of the Church, the Maranatha Chorale, to spearhead the said project. On August 15 of the same year, an audition was held in the Marikina Young Watchers Department. From about a hundred aspirants who showed up, around 40 hopefuls got shortlisted as trainees. It as August 18 when we had our first meeting. From a number of suggested names for the choir, the Highest Praise Chorale was born!

The chorale's beginning was not easy. Some members were very young, unexperienced and had no formal background in singing especially in a choir setting. Bro Boyet started to train them with the very basic, and fundamentals of choral singing, note-reading and voice culture. One month of rigid training before they were able to sing their very first piece, "Great is Thy Faithfulness," during Marikina Locale's Church Anniversary in the same year. The hardwork paid off when they came up singing in harmony and blending, and in one spirit. Since then, they moved forward with regular rehearsals and continuous training to improve the craft and give glory to God and offer the highest praise we could give.

The year after, 2005, the Church recognized their desire for excellence, so they were officially featured in the Church Anniversary major presentation as they staged a live mega-production concert entitled "Lifting His Name on High." 



From then on up to the present, they have been consistently taking part in our major church events such as Youth Camp, Intl. Convention, Missionary Day, Christmas Activities and special fellowships. They have also been doing music videos for the Church' television program, Oras ng Katotohanan. They also represent the church in civic and external programs, Christmas mall shows, and special events. Just last Dec. 2012, they were invited to sing thrice in TV5's Good Morning Club and once in ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda.

Year 2010, was the release of the debut album entitled, “Pagdakila: Choral Collection" a compilation of Maranatha Chorale hits of the 90's. June 2011 opened up the window to an international scene, they had their 1st international concert in Macau. And in June 2012 HPC opened its doors to talented AITs to become interns.

In their 9 years of existence in the music ministry, we have gone through tests and trials. Sometimes they often find it hard to manage the time because most of the members were working during the day, and rehearsing at night. Stressful and physically draining. There were times that we almost gave up and thought of disbanding but with the support and prayers of the church, the Lord did not permit to do so. Most of us them reached early adulthood inside the group and four of the original members were already married but still chose to stay in the ministry. Most of them were not able to finish the race or have moved on to other ministries, but some new ones have joined the group to lend a hand, and by God's grace, some are still faithfully fulfilling the call since the beginning. Now, they aim to further hone the skills to be humbly used by God more gloriously through the gift of music. (B. Cruz)

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