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Zion Area Fellowship

Growth is one of the indications of a church that will be seized by Christ in His second coming. God’s provision of victory to the most recent Area Fellowship of Zion held at Marikina locale last July 3 gave the congregation a sentiment that indeed it is the fate of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ in the End-Time.

The church administration of Zion Area headed by Pastor Polly Mendoza anticipated this event to be attended by a large number of brethren and visitors. They weren’t wrong in preparing not only the auditorium, but also the other floors of the building where they installed televisions, projectors and chairs.

“Church Role in Obedience to God’s Eternal Purpose” was the theme of the gathering based on Ephesians 3:10. The invited speaker, Bishop Art Ferriol of Bethel Area, related his message to the theme for the seminar part. In the worship proper, Pastor Polly was the one who addressed the warm greetings for the attendees. The channeling of blessings was administered by Pastor Dante Abainza. Before the significant part of the worship, Pastor Polly introduced Bishop Art as the keynote speaker for the fellowship.The Bishop described to his message, “The Eternal Purpose of God.” He stressed that the knowledge of existence of God contrary to non-belief is intuitive. And His objective to have a group of people for His glorification manifests by the existence of the church. The altar call after the message brought the people to acceptance to Christ’s redemption. Huge quantity of guests flooded the front of the stage to show their faith.

The successful worship ended and was followed by lunch fellowship by sub-areas. The evening program was a gospel concert featured by Pillars. Pastor Emil Reyes brought the message of God afterwards.

The said event clearly showed the work of God in His church. The fulfillment of the purpose of God to the church is now at hand.