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MBS Conference 2010

Those men and women who have given their lives to the mission gathered at Marikina Locale on October 20-22 to renew their dedication in serving God. “Lawfully Striving for the Ministry (2 Tim. 2:5)” was the theme of Maranatha Bible School Conference this year. Three days of exhortation from renowned Bishops and Pastors, especially from the Goodman of the House, beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, were received by the Bible Students, probationaries, VFCMs and sacrifice.

The following are the events of the conference:

Day 1, Wednesday

The first day was a busy day for accommodating the arrival of delegates. The drastic changes of morning devotion attendance set the feeling that the MBS Conference was at hand. Sis. Sheng was assigned to be an offertory message that day. Pastor Emil Reyes, one of the members of MBS Faculty (Bible Introduction and Poetical) preached concerning the relationship of Spirit and prayer, followed by words of wisdom from the Dean of MBS, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol.

The welcome service started with praise & worship headed by Manila MBS. Welcome remarks for the delegates addressed by the MBS OIC and Faculty Member (Pentateuch), Pastor Dante Abainza, which is also the officiator of offertory message. Testimonies about their hardships and triumphs of their higher calling were shared by Sis. Hossana Enriquez, and Sis. Donna Robles. Songs of praise were offered unto God from different year level and even probationaries and VFCMs, before the message of Apostle Arsenio Ferriol regarding the theme of MBS Conference.

Singing of joyful songs was started by the 2nd Year Bible Students (End-Time Global Harvesters) before the seminar. Bishop Osinando Quillao, professor of 3 subjects (Theology 2, Epistle 2, Acts and Life of Paul), was the first speaker of the seminar entitled, “Rules of Obedience.” Another MBS Faculty Member (Christian Education), Pastor Charlie Magbata, was in charge in sharing the topic, “Rules of Obedience.”

Missionary Service was held on the evening and still began with praises and adoration unto God. Bro. Anvir Asparas and Sis. Rachelle Beason was blessed to testify their extraordinary lives of serving God. The message of giving was presided by Pastor Lito dela Torre. The MBS choirs from Tanauan, Malagasang and Visayas glorified the Lord with their hymns and songs that night. Pastor Polly Mendoza, Head Pastor of the host locale and also MBS Faculty Member (Theology 1, Epistle 1), shared his thoughts on caring the ministry received by the remarkable sons and daughters of God.

Day 2, Thursday

A wake up call for the children of God to pray once again for the second devotion of the conference, as Pastor Charlie Magbata taught them the pointers of being a good co-worker. Sis. Lorena Villanueva shared the Word of God about charity. Few hours after, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol in his first seminar talked about himself doing his best to be an example of humility and vigorous spirit, encouraging the audience to be the same in that kind of attribute.

The Worship service was held just minutes following the seminar part. The crowd was in high spirit in singing praises headed by the 1st Year Bible Students (Conquerors in the End-Time Harvest). Sis. Eunice Ferriol was entrusted to be the offertory speaker of that time. The messenger for the worship was Bishop Domingo Ferriol, a respected MBS professor (Theology 3, Comparative Religion, and Pastoral Epistle). He was also the speaker for the second seminar of the day entitled “Rules of Service.” Pastor Askel dela Cruz was presided for the third seminar, “Rules of Faithfulness” naming the good examples of steadfastness, and how to be in that manner.

Thursday night, the usual prayer meeting of Marikina Locale, became a Prayer Marathon for both the delegates and Marikina brethren attended. Pastor Lina Gelogo was in charge of preaching the message of giving. Choirs from MBS Novaliches and CDE/Crusaders rendered their songs of admiration for the Lord. The beloved Evangelist and MBS GOIC, Pastor Let Ferriol, was the one who readied the hearts and minds of the people in the spirit of prayer. Fervent kneel-down prayer of the congregation followed the message.

Day 3, Friday

The lined up activities on the last day of the conference was set to vest the delegates the final equipment to gear them up for their ministry. Bro. Michael Cruz was the entrusted speaker for the offertory message. “Continually Striving in Prayer” was the topic of Pastor Dante Abainza in his message before the unified prayer. Apostle Arsenio Ferriol spoke his heavenly thoughts about striving lawfully in his last seminar.

The Practicum Bible Students (God’s End-Time Revivalists and End-Time Global Appointed Missionaries) headed the joyful singing on the worship proper. Offertory message was delivered by Sis. Gladys Quillao. A well admired MBS professor (Christian Ethics, Pastoral Care, Homiletics, Daniel and Revelation, Major and Minor Prophets), Bishop Arturo Ferriol, spoke about righteous worshipping. For the seminar part, he discussed the “Rules of Sacrifice,” while Bishop Osinando talked about the “Rules of Respect to Authorities in the Church.”

Dedication Night was the last night of the conference. Bro. Jodel Poquinto and Sis. Mai Evangelista glorified the Lord with their testimonies. Pastor Cecille Mendoza brought the offertory message. Choirs performed that night were the SBO Officers and MBS Chorale. The congregation gave way to the evangelization of the world as Apostle Arsenio Ferriol took his video footage. After that, the Goodman of the House addressed the audience regarding the higher calling. A passionate prayer of dedication and rededication followed the message of the Apostle.

At the end of the conference, the delegates have experienced the bestowal of power from God as they go forth in lawfully striving for their ministry.

Photos of MBS Conference can be seen here in this link.