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Sta. Mesa and Cubao Locale Celebrated their Church Anniversary

October 24 marked their anticipated day of celebrating Church Anniversary. Take a look at the happenings at both locales.

Sta. Mesa Locale

Sta. Mesa brethren praised the Lord in awe as their local Church turned 18. Pastor Armina Caalim welcomed the attendees of Church anniversary. Pastor Marlon Caalim, the Head Pastor of Sta. Mesa Locale, readied the hearts of the congregation in terms of abundant giving. The much awaited part of the service which is the exhortation of the Word of God was delivered by none other than the beloved Evangelist, Pastor Leticia Ferriol. The altar call to accept God was done after the message.

The night was too young for the brethren to stop their celebration because of the presence of Pillars Band. The band energized the attendees of Gospel concert by their Godly songs. Sharing the Good News was officiated by Ptr. Val delos Reyes after the first half of the concert.

Cubao Locale

Eleven years of grace has given by God to the Local Church of Cubao, Quezon City. Pastor Shiela Padpad, the Head Pastor of Cubao Locale, expressed her warm greetings to the congregation. The guest speaker of that day was Pastor Emil Reyes, the Head Pastor of Newman Locale and Adviser of Gold Area. Many visitors accepted Christ after sharing God’s word.

Gospel concert was held after the Thanksgiving service. The Eleventh Hour and Marikina Junior Youth Department made their way of uplifting the spirits of attendees by songs, dance number and song interpretation. Bro. Leo Labagis conveyed the Message to the recipients, giving desire to submit to the will of God.