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Spreading the Gospel in Cemeteries

November marks the time where people visit their departed relatives and loved ones in the cemeteries. This is a busy time for the government, making sure that the occasion is not used by thieves and vagrants to their advantage.

Members of the Church, on the other hand, also take advantage of this time, not for wicked purposes but for purposes of evangelism. Unfortunately, many people only remember their departed ones during November. This is the time when they get together near the grave, some to play games, some to have fun, while others to mourn and weep. This is the time where many people are in the same place, and are open to thoughts about life and death. And during their troubled moments, nothing can help them better than the loving message of the Gospel. Salvation is always needed, whether in season or not.

Cemetery evangelism is utilizing the chance to make the Gospel more accessible to many people at the same occasion. We should not sit idly and let this time pass by. After all, it is not the dead that needs saving, it is the living. Only as long as a man has life does he stand a chance at receiving salvation through Jesus Christ.

This cemetery evangelism is held by different locale churches, each with their own method of pursuing this activity. Usually, tracts containing the message of the Gospel are distributed, people are given the chance to submit their contact details for personal Bible studies, and complete sound systems are set-up in the cemetery to hold an evangelistic service. Many are blessed by this kind of spreading the message of evangelism; some even look forward to such a chance to hear the Word of God. Testimonies abound as to how their lives were changed and salvation attained by simply being part of a cemetery evangelism service held while they visited their departed ones during November.