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Convention’s Third Day Satiates Hunger for Word of God

Delegates earnestly waited for this third day because the menu of spiritual activities for the day now included seminars and worship. The morning devotion’s message was provided by Pastor Lily Ferriol, while the offertory message was presented by Pastor Carol Custodio. Through prayer in agreement, an hour of prayer was achieved; half devoted to personal prayers and the other half filled with prayers for the church’s activities and needs.

After breakfast, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol’s seminar dealt with our faith and the danger of complacency. In order to serve God more, a believer must not rest on the relative success already achieved. The seminar piqued the spiritual appetite of the delegates, making the participants anticipate the succeeding worship service.

Since the first day was the opening service and the second one was orientation, this day is the first International Convention day to celebrate worship service. Due to this, it was only fitting that the message touched on what could only be described as a starter topic dealing with the theme. It dealt with the beginning, source or foundation of this abundant labor. Pastor Belle Obsanga chose to discuss the two roots of abundant labor done for the Lord.

The first of these roots is love. To illustrate the importance of love in serving God, the concept of ‘forced labor’ was discussed. It is the absence of love that results in this situation. The importance of love in serving the Lord is such that it is the love of God that teaches us how to love Him. The love of God is the driving force that enables us to persevere, be diligent and make sacrifices for God.

The second factor contributing to an abundant labor for the Lord is faith. Without faith, it is not possible to love God. Faith in the sent ones of God and faith in the Word of God both reinforce us and enable us to serve God in a greater capacity. This faith also needs to be guarded and cultivated for it could be a fleeting thing. There were some who were active before but now are separated from the faith. With this in mind, it is imperative that this faith only be zealously kept.

The Apostle led a prayer of dedication to close the worship service. He reminded the delegates that a prayer without tears is a prayer of a person who thinks he has done enough, a person who is deceived. Tears of admonition for God’s blessing rang throughout the worship halls. Indeed, all the worshippers were blessed, each attendee deciding to perform more labors of love for the Lord.

Examinations for elder candidates were held at the canteen of the Marikina building, with the test supervised by Bishop Domingo Ferriol and Pastor Marina de Luna. Recommended young and adult watchers cramped into the benches in the canteen and took the exams which started at 1pm.

Later in the afternoon saw two seminars. The first seminar, with Pastor Arnold Bandola as speaker, explored how the labor of love done by the brethren relates with the world and the church. This was promptly followed by Pastor Reynald Sulayao giving some guidelines in order for the brethren to produce a fruitful labor. The delegates present were equipped with the necessary tools to accomplish greater things for the Lord.

The much anticipated musical presentation, Hasik, was the evening’s showpiece. The delegates from distant locales and foreign churches finally got the chance to watch the play first shown during the Marikina locale’s Church Anniversary. With the showing of the stage play, this day ended on a high note. The message of the play resonated with the theme of the gathering.

Music was also an added feature. The Highest Praise Chorale performed during the intermission. The Pillars band also collaborated with the orchestra on a couple of songs before the message. The program wouldn’t have been complete without the Word of God. The message for God’s blessings was spoken by Pastor Galli Concepcion while the evening’s message was disseminated by Bishop Resting Zonio.

To many, the body of the 19th International Convention is just starting. With most of the delegates already refreshed and reinvigorated spiritually, everybody looks forward to another day of prayers and hearing the Word of God. We thank the Lord for His continuous mercy towards us in completing this year’s International Convention.