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On Set for the Church’s Most Awaited Event

Marikina Locale again serves as host to the 19th International Convention of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) from November 9 to 16, 2008. The theme is “Abundant Labor of Love in the End-Time Church”, taken from 1 Thessalonians 1:3. Although delegates from various parts of the world arrived at Marikina City as early as 2 weeks from the actual Convention dates, the preparations for this annual gathering started earlier.

The Convention committee headed by its chairman, Bishop Art Ferriol, convened to plan the Convention as early as August. Nothing was taken for granted; the delegates would all be making sacrifices to attend the Convention. And thus, their attention to be blessed by the Word of God shouldn’t be stolen by any kind of distraction. Preparations and other strategies for a peaceful Convention were formed and devised.

The buildings of the Locale of Marikina are all undergoing facelifts and renovations. The outer walls and other structures were all beautified, all the rooms and floors of the buildings were cleaned and re-cleaned to ensure the delegates have a pleasant stay in the vicinity of Marikina. The rooms to be used as dorms were all prepared to house our brethren who left their homes and their work for one-week of communing with God.

Under the leadership of the Head Pastor of Marikina Locale, Ptr. Polly Mendoza, construction projects were initiated to ensure the stability of the architectural structures located inside and outside the service buildings. Food accommodations have been made, and other necessities like the lights, comfort rooms and other utilities were all arranged and prepared to suit the needs of the delegates.

The Youth constantly practice for their Mass Demo, rehearsing with perfection as their goal. All the musicians and other performers refine their skills in order to make the best performance possible during the Convention.

Reservations for the Marikina Sports center were made, and all service and utility staff and crew are on-call and available, preparing themselves for any contingency and happening.

On top of all these are the countless prayers done by the ministers and brethren of the PMCC (4th Watch). Each and every one of us knows that even with the most prudent preparations done, nothing will be successful without the help and guidance of the Lord.

Let us prove our commitment to our faith and participate in this week-long gathering.