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Ministers-Elders Intimate Fellowship Renews Dedication

Remembering our roots always help in guiding us towards our goals and vision. The Ministers and Elders Intimate Fellowship was celebrated at the PMCC Auditorium in Marikina City. While most of the participants were ministers, elders and relatives, some public officers graced the event with their presence and a few kind words.

The event was divided into two parts. The first part started with Brother Levi Ferriol performing an opening song, while the opening prayer was offered by Bishop Domingo Ferriol. Shortly after, a song number was given by children of the Marikina ministers along with the Apostle’s grandchildren. The singing was broken by testimonies presented by Sister Josie Herbuela and Brother Anvir Aspansas. After which, the singing continued with the Dokimos band and Brother Boyet Cruz with Sister Joy Ferriol-Guerrero. The Offertory Message, exhorted by Bishop Osinando Quillao preceded the video presentation entitled “The Apostolic Vision: Global Evangelization” which was shown to the participants. A special number by the Highest Praise Chorale prepared the listeners to the message to be delivered by the Apostle, shortly after being introduced by Bishop Arturo Ferriol. Even amidst the excitement, the Word of God cannot be left unproclaimed; the Apostle maximizes all opportunity to spread the kind words of salvation. With greetings from the Ferriol family and more performances from both the Highest Praise Chorale and the Marikina Symphony of Praise, the evening went on to the second part.

Dinner was served, much to the delight of all participants as they were serenaded by the MSP, the HPC, the PMCC String Orchestra and the ministers belonging to the area of Patmos, consisting of local churches in Central Luzon. Greetings were warmly expressed by Bishop Art and Pastor Lily Ferriol; Bishop Domingo and Pastor Ning Ferriol; Bishop Osie and Pastor Mona Quillao, and Bishop Resting with Pastor Neneng Zonio. More greetings were given by Pastor Galli Concepcion, Pastor Violy Concepcion, Pastor Virgie Zata and Pastor Belle Obsanga. The Area coordinators and Senior ministers also showed their sincere greetings and kind words. Churches abroad were able to deliver their greetings through video, evincing participation even overseas.

The event ended with hope and cheer in everyone’s hearts. The Apostle continues to look forward to the realization of the goal of global evangelization, the very same place we put all our efforts to.