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MBS Turns 34

The Maranatha Bible School held a 3-day event commemorating its Foundation Day from February 16-18, 2009. The students celebrated the institution’s 34th year through a sports fest aiming to foster camaraderie, fellowship and goodwill. The Bible students were grouped into different teams. Spartans of Salvation, Sling of David, Redeemer’s Champion and Soldiers of the Lord were the different teams, each a mixed group of year level and background.


A simple ceremony marked the opening on Monday afternoon in the PMCC building. Several competitive games followed. The following day, they moved to the covered court in Manotoc for the ball games primarily basketball. Literary contests featured on the third day, Bible Quiz, Know the Word and Preaching contest to name a few. The awarding ceremony was held on the 22nd, Sunday evening, with the Spartans of Salvation emerging as the overall champion.