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Day Five Keeping Alive

The delegates of the 19th International Convention didn’t need any wake-up calls for the day’s morning devotion. Prayer truly is an indispensable part of Christian living, and the day’s sermon was presented by Pastor Ramir Capunpon, while the message for blessing was offered by Pastor Glasgow Iyamu. The special number came from the quartet that represented the locale of Baguio City.

The Apostle’s Seminar once again employed the panel including Pastor Reynald Sulayao and Pastor Polly Mendoza. He emphasized the importance of having sent ones of God, declaring the orderly manner of God in leading His people. Self-appointment is not enough. Not everyone can make one’s own the passages in the Bible regarding preaching the Gospel. One has to sent by God; be appointed by God.

There was no short supply of the Word of God as the delegates took part in the worship. Pastor Jun Marbida ably did his part in encouraging the brethren to abundantly give. This was followed by the main exhortation of Pastor Osie Quillao where he discussed the finer points of the gathering’s theme. Abundant labor of love can be clearly seen in an area like the ministry of giving. He then related this concept with the words of truths received not from man but from God. Possession of this love also results in being followers of Christ through the example shown by the apostles.

The foreign churches of Singapore and Saipan/Rota as well the Novaliches locale helped prepare the delegates in receiving the Word of God with the songs they performed.

Following lunchtime, the first installment of the seminars of Bishop Domingo Ferriol and Pastor Jonathan Ferriol were held. Bishop Domingo Ferriol discussed the role of personality and certain traits in personal evangelism. Of utmost importance are developing a genuine compassion for the souls, being humble and having spiritual hearing. Pastor Jonathan Ferriol introduced the preliminary factors that create a Church conducive to the formation of disciples. He explained how a church equipped with leadership, as well as being a welcoming and safe church foster the transformation of newly-converts into disciples.

The evening’s service thrust the mission and the missionaries committed in it into center stage. The video presentation on select ministers involved in the foreign mission helped increase awareness on what the ministry entailed. They recounted the sacrifices made and described what life dedicated to the mission was like. In the offertory message, Pastor Maya Cruz encouraged the brethren to support the mission through their financial means. Afterwards, the delegates were treated to a very thorough and clear discussion of ‘70 Weeks’ by Apostle Arsenio Ferriol.

As the day came to a close, the delegates were enriched once more by the messages they heard, prayers they prayed to the Lord and the experiences they had contributing to their spiritual growth.