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Ending the Year Right

2008 was fittingly capped by a Watch Night service on the last day of the year.

In the late afternoon of December 31st, the brethren went to their respective local churches to take part in the annual gathering in order to hear the Word of God and join the congregation in prayer. It is the brethren’s way of showing appreciation and thanksgiving to the Lord for the year that was. Testimonies were given, each one acknowledging the blessings and goodness of God.

The different services resonated with messages on reflection upon the events that filled the ending year as well as forward-looking approaches and planning in serving God in the coming year. Apostle Arsenio Ferriol’s message provided answers on the question, “How do we live a life that is born again?” Several ways he offered are being good stewards of God, living by faith, being thankful to God and showing heroism in serving God.

The services ended with the congregation united in prayer. Everyone gave thanks, reflected on the previous moments of their lives as well as entrusted to God the plans for the coming year. As the brethren headed home, their hearts were filled with the incomparable joy, comfort and hope that comes from the Lord