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International Convention’s Fourth Day Sustains the Spiritual Blessings

Some may think that the lack of sleep would extinguish the enthusiasm of the delegates in the services during the 19th International Convention. But nothing could be farther from the truth! The delegates burst with exceeding excitement and anticipation for what the fourth day of Convention holds in store for them. God truly gives us the strength and the desire to participate in activities such as this.

The delegates continued to dedicate themselves in prayer and the Word of God, with the minister from Saipan Locale, Pastor Claire Javillonar presenting the morning’s sermon. The Tanauan City choir provided the sole song of praise in the service. Many brethren once more strove to pray for at least an hour. Aside from personal requests, a greater part of their prayer included the Church – the people and ministries comprising it as well as the future projects and activities. The delegates appear to be getting stronger and more lively with each day of devotion, all thanks to God.

The morning’s Seminar adopted a new approach in presenting the Word of God. A panel, consisting of Pastor Reynald Sulayao and Pastor Polly Mendoza, joined the Apostle in the day’s Seminar which shed light on the different concepts related to salvation. Explaining what it really meant to be forgiven, justified and sanctified, the Apostle once again emphasized the importance of salvation.

During the worship at midday, the delegates prepared their hearts anew. Australia, Munoz and Malolos were represented with choirs that performed songs of praises unto the Lord. Pastor Aldrin Palanca delivered the offertory message.

Bishop Rustico Zonio stood for the worship message and he asserted that the abundant work we are able to do for God can be attributed to the abundant teachings of the sent ones of God. Through these teachings, the brethren are able to do more greater acts of love. Another part of his message was devoted to dispelling the attitude of having a false sense of security. This misplaced attitude leads to complacency and stagnation; stunting the growth of a believer. Members and ministers alike, he challenged everyone not to be satisfied with past acts of service. In the prayer that followed the message, Bishop Resting Zonio issued the invitation for the altar call. He challenged everyone to give themselves wholly in serving the Lord. The congregation responded and renewed their dedication.

The afternoon’s twin seminar featured Pastor Jim Rull and Pastor Polly Mendoza. Pastor Jim Rull’s seminar dwelled on Having a Fruitful Service of Love to the Lord. The latter expounded on what is deemed as “The Acceptable Labor of Love.” He dissected the concepts involved - what could be described as satisfactory and suitable; and what labor of love entails. He introduced the characteristics of laboring with love - built on Church foundation and also considerate.

“Ministries Night” took up the night’s program. Hosted by Sister Kate Saulog and Pastor Jayson de Roxas, the evening included a performance from the Highest Praise Chorale. Ensembles, orchestras and other musical groups showcased their musical numbers, much to the enjoyment of the watching delegates. A report featuring the Church’s ministries was exhibited, presenting concisely the many ministries the Church has been involved with in the aims of evangelism. The evangelical endeavors of the Church are complemented by the media ministries of the Church. Oras ng Katotohanan TV handles the television evangelical broadcasts of the Church, including all its TV segments and parts. Oras ng Katotohanan Radio is in-charge of the radio broadcasts by the Apostle and other ministers, making sure their preaching is promptly heard over the airwaves. The Word Magazine serves as the official publication of the Church, presenting vital information and facts about the Church. Daystar publishing takes care of all the printing and publishing needs of the Church. The Information Technology department undertakes the task of broadcast utilizing the medium of the Internet and assumes all technological-related matters. These departments usually overlap in tasks and projects, in order to serve better the goals of effective evangelism.

The growing ministry of Maranatha Christian Schools was also tackled; noticeable examples are the National Christian Life College in Marikina under the leadership of Pastor Let Ferriol and the Maranatha Christian Academy in Malagasang, Cavite under the auspices of Pastor Lily Ferriol. These served as role models for other Maranatha Christian Schools in other local churches, inspiring them to carry on this kind of ministry despite troubles and hardships. The Lord intended growth to all aspects of growth in the Church.

The Church’s involvement in services geared to the public good were also mentioned. Teams to combat disasters such as fire and other emergencies were formed to help the needy public. Social services were also entered by the Church, whose concern for the people is not limited to spiritual needs alone.

The music ministry showed tremendous growth, with choirs, singers, ensembles and other musical groups forming and being formed to augment Church services through song and sounds. The Church abounds with different ways to be part of its growth.

The evening’s Word of God was sowed by Bishop Osie Quillao. The sermon ignited in the listeners the pride and joy of belonging to the Church, whose leadership continued to think big for the betterment of society through the Gospel. Evangelism seeks the improvement of the life of the individual, starting with the spiritual aspect, which is the most important aspect of a person’s existence. Everyone was filled with inspiration and gratitude for the Lord and His work. The closing prayer signaled the delegates to head towards their suppers. A whole day of activity for the Lord now closed, prompting the delegates to gather rest for another day of International Convention.