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MBS Conference

The students of the Maranatha Bible School held its annual MBS Conference last October 22-24, 2008 at the Novaliches Locale. About 600 delegates composed of VFCMs, sacrifices and MBS Students were empowered with the chosen theme “One Life to Offer” derived from the book of Philippians 1:20.

At the crack of dawn, the first day was started with Morning Devotion. The message was delivered by Pastor Charlie Magbata, emphasizing the great role of prayer in their ministry, and the offertory message was by Bro. Redentor Tamani, a 4th Year MBS student. Afterwards, the Conference is started formally with Welcome Service, initiated with a moving rendition of the MBS Hymn by the MBS Chorale followed by the MBS Panata led by Bro. Archie Ferriol, a 2nd year MBS student. Pastor Arnold Bandola, Head pastor of Novaliches locale, welcomed each participant. Each class rendered a song number and selected delegates testified God’s miraculous way of calling. The Word of God was delivered by Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, concluding that the single life that we have will only have real worth if it’s given to the purpose of glorifying God. In the afternoon, seminars and Praise and Worship led by the 4th Year Class were witnessed. Bishop Art Ferriol elaborated on the factors affecting commitment that may either weaken or strengthen one’s commitment. Pastor Polly Mendoza, the head Pastor of Marikina Locale, discussed the different approaches in personal evangelism. The evening was concluded with a Missionary Service, where the offertory message was heard from Bro. Noli Campos and the message of Bishop Art Ferriol inspired the delegates to be dedicated missionaries in their respective fields.

The second day started with group prayer, efficiently leading each delegate in an hour of prayer. After breakfast, enlightening seminar was served by the Apostle in the End-Time, explaining that a life intended for God’s service should be without distraction. Dynamic and awe-inspiring Praise and Worship were led by the 1st Year Class followed by Worship, where Bro. JR Quillao spoke about the importance of taking part in ministry of giving. Bishop Art Ferriol administered the Words of God making clear the importance of worshipping. After lunch, Bishop Domingo Ferriol utilized the seminar period in expounding the cost of commitment. Next was the challenging lecture of Pastor Arnold Bandola. The end of the day was marked with a Prayer Marathon where Bishop Domingo Ferriol taught the right quantity as well as right quality of a prayer.

When the last day arrived, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol incessantly conducted a seminar about sanctifying oneself by having a clean and right conscience in doing the will of God. Bro. Joel Tenorio blessed the delegates with the offertory message while Bishop Osie Quillao presided over the Worship message, reasoning that our life that is offered is a life that is valuable to God. One soul to lead will result in a hundred souls to follow Christ. Resounding praise was manifested in the intense seminar of Pastor Let Ferriol; she explained the role and power of commitment. The most awaited part of this gathering was the Dedication Night, wherein life-changing decisions are made. The delegates experienced a deep desire to take part in God’s work, crying tears and deciding for God.

All in all, God once again outpoured great blessings to His co-workers. Revived and empowered clearly describe the participants of this gathering.