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Celebrating the Christmas Season

In celebration of the holidays, the different local churches simultaneously held their own version of Simbang Pasko on the second week of December. The brethren braved the cold early morning air and took part in the weeklong Simbang Pasko. After the meditation on the messages focused on the reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ, they devoted themselves to prayer. Fellowship with other early-risers soon followed. Breakfast, comprised of well-loved Filipino holiday food, was served after the morning service.

On Christmas Day, the different local churches held their respective Christmas services. All messages highlighted the important event that happened in Bethlehem - the birth of our Savior. Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, in his message, stressed that we are celebrating not with the world. We are also not one with them in their worldly ways but we are celebrating Christmas in order to shed light and proclaim the true meaning of Christmas. Another important point that he made is that in Christ, we received forgiveness on top of other things like the healing of our sicknesses. Moreover, without salvation, Christmas would be entirely meaningless.

The services were marked by the eagerly-anticipated part by the younger set. The kids, with smiles in their faces, lined up to receive the goody bags prepared especially for them. Christmas carols filled the air as the parents mingled and exchanged greetings while waiting for their children.