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Spiritual Satisfaction Evident on the Seventh

As the end of the 19th International Convention peered over the horizon, the delegates found themselves satiated with the edifying Word of God. Through countless hours devoted to prayer, intense listening to the sermons and sincere dedication for more abundant labor, the participants are now eager to put into practice all they have learned in this year’s Convention.

The morning started with intercession for the goals of evangelism, with the offertory message delivered by Pastor Estela Franada, and the Word of God served by Pastor Virgie Zata. General Santos City provided for the special number that morning. Through bended knees and outstretched arms, the delegates continued to pray not only for their loved ones but also for other people, that the doors of evangelism may be opened to them. The Church teaches its members to live not only for themselves but moreover to the fulfillment of the aims of the Gospel.

Breakfast was too soon to end as the last seminar for the 19th International Convention proceeded. Even with the busy schedule of the Convention, the Apostle still considered it important to serve the need of the people for evangelism. A taping of preaching the Gospel was first conducted before the actual seminar was held. To the Apostle, nothing is more important than serving the aims of evangelism.

In his seminar, the Apostle continued to show how the Bible characterizes the true Church, elucidating the defining traits that make a Church true. One of these traits is that the true Church will have the true doctrines based on the Scriptures. No amount of earnest claiming of any religious group would be valid if its teachings run afoul of the Holy Scriptures.

The worship service was infused with the special numbers of Guam, Canada and the USA locales. Pastor Rene Fremista spoke the words of blessing in the offertory message, and the Word of God was presented by Bishop Art Ferriol.

In the Bishop’s message, the faithful was warned of service centered on other things rather than Christ. In this world, there are plenty of things man can devote his attention and powers on. But as Bishop Art Ferriol stated, only the Lord is worthy of a life’s dedication and passion. It may already be too late if we postpone our decision to make the Lord our life’s goal and purpose.

The delegates responded through tearful yet determined prayers, with many professing their decision to submit wholly to Christ through approaching the stage area. The Lord has truly blessed this gathering, and the delegates earnestly await to bring home all they have heard and produce abundant labors of love through daily activities.

The much awaited MBS Night started as early as 4pm, with the procession signaling its start. Testimonies of select missionaries not only gave a glimpse of their lives as missionaries but also served as a challenge to the audience. Apostle Arsenio Ferriol took time again to conduct a taping for the TV program. His message was gospel-centered and aimed at evangelism. Afterwards, a stage play depicting the decision-making process involved in entering the ministry touched the audience and served as one of the highlights of the evening. It was also during the program that Bishop Osie Quillao announced the result of the election of board of directors of the Church.


In the main segment of the program, Bishop Art Ferriol explored the different dimensions of a life fully dedicated and spent in the ministry. He characterized the life of a worker in the vineyard as one that entailed sacrifice, humility and self-denial. He primarily used Apostle Paul as an example in the kind of outlook and attitude that must be possessed by those in the ministry. He was also straightforward in his message and presented the reality of life inside the Bible school. He set the expectations of those who will enter the Bible school; they should not expect an easy going life. They must instead prepare themselves to a life of sacrifice.

The service was capped by the speaker’s call to enter the Bible school. It was promptly answered by those who hurriedly approached the front where the bishops and ministers prayed over them. To them, the previous challenge issued was not left unanswered; they were prepared to start living a new life focused not on their own.