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MBS Conference 2017 Day 1

"The best of God is the work of Christ in the gospel."

Overflowing with unimaginable joy and gladness, the opening day of the most awaited event of the Bible Students, Ait's, Probationaries and Sacrifices, the Maranatha Bible School Conference 2017 highlights the homecoming of the Evangelistic Crusade Team. March 15, marks the beginning of the 3 whole days of non-stop seminars and services that once again will empower and enable the men and women whose lives are dedicated for the cause of Christ.

In early morning devotion, wherein Pastor Rodel Quiambao delivered a powerful message, the day started with the equipping of the Holy Spirit. After breakfast, the opening service followed in which the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol ministered the encouraging and inspiring message to the attendees. It was followed by back to back seminar brought by Bishop Domingo Ferriol, entitled "The Lifestyle of a Minister" and "Discovering Church Planting". During the 3rd seminar, the MBS was divided into 3; AIT's, Probies and Sacrifices had their seminar with Bishop Domingo entitled, "Basic Doctrines"; 1st and 2nd Years were with Pastor Charlie Magbata with the topic, "New Testament History"; and the Practicum and 4th Year were taught by Pastor Jun Alano on "Building Ministerial Character".

At night, entitled "Sowing in tears, Reaping with great joy", the homecoming of the Evangelistic Crusade Team was filled with unspeakable gladness as some of the leaders of the ECT testified the great and wonderful works of God in their missionary journey. With a total of 18 local churches in a span of 5 months, the 8 groups of ECT emerged victorious in their arduous struggles in bringing the Gospel in different places. With these testimonies, a great challenge were left for the Maranatha Bible School Students to be courageous in dedicating their lives for the cause of Christ.