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All Smiles for the 29th Church Anniversary of Bacolod Locale

It has been 29 years since the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) extended its effort to share the gospel to the City of Smiles. By the grace of God, with over a thousand attendees gathered to offer thanks to God who made all these things possible, the celebration of Bacolod Locale's Church Anniversary last September 25 proves that the evangelization and edification continues to grow with haste. 

Themed “Looking Forward to the Greater Glory of the Present Church” taken from Haggai 2:9 and was held at Bacolod Local Church. Pastor Sarah Tolero established a friendly atmosphere as she welcomed the attendees with warm greetings. Encouraging the brethren to abundant and faithful giving was Pastor Dondon Tolero as he delivered the offertory message.

In preparing the hearts and minds of the congregation, songs of praises and adoration were lifted unto God by, Bro.Roi Requiron, Adult and Elders Dept, Bacolod, Pastoral Staff, and the Christ End-time Messengers, respectively.

The congregation was blessed with the Word of God ministered by the Goodman of  the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. Fortifying them through the unadulterated words of God and strengthening their faith as they thrive in the challenges faced by the Church in the End Time.

Aside from the Thanksgiving Service, MCA Presentation and Gospel concert were enjoyed by the brethren.

The day ended with realization to every members of PMCC (4th Watch) Bacolod that the success of their 29th Church Anniversary is just a beginning of God’s abounding grace and will last for more anniversaries to come.