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Malate Locale Successfully Holds Its 27th Church Anniversary

Members of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Malate Local gathered in celebration as they witness and experience another abundant year of God’s grace and goodness in their local church. For 27 years, God has blessed and guided the local church to its present strength and glory.

Meditating on the theme “Abundant thanksgiving through excellent service in the End-Time”, hundreds of church brethren, and visitors once again renewed their faith and experienced God’s reinforcement through the messages delivered by keynote speakers during the Spiritual Empowerment held during every Sunday of the month of August. This year’s spiritual empowerment speakers were previous ministers of the local church who became significant in the establishment and foundations of the local church. The brethren were blessed by the message of Pastor TeodyVerano Jr., Pastor Marissa Bernales, Ptr. Marina de Luna, and the incumbent minister, Pastor Jimmy Bigalbal.

During the Sundays of August, the brethren also witnessed lights and sounds presentations of different Bible stories, prepared by the different departments of the local church. For the first week, the Adult Department showcased the life of King Solomon, followed by the presentation of the Youth Department of the life of Queen Esther the following week. The Elders Department flaunted the life of two Minor Prophets, Haggai and Zechariah. Concluding the series of Bible stories was the presentation of the Cadets Department of the life of Daniel.

The Thanksgiving Service of the local church was held on September 4, 2016 at the local church’s newly constructed worship hall. The brethren and visitors were joined by the Maranatha Christian Academy students and guests, and the congregation was blessed with the words of God ministered by Ptr. Jimmy Bigalbal, and visitors received salvation thereafter. After the thanksgiving service, the brethren held its Sports festival, with seven Kawan groups colorfully parading its united spirit while competing against each other in various sports, cheerleading, and team games. Dug-outs were also provided so that members of the each Kawan can bond with each other throughout the activity.

The month-long activities were concluded with the celebration of its 27th Church Anniversary last September 11, 2016. The worship hall was filled with praises and adoration in commemoration of how God has truly blessed the local church, from its humble beginnings to its continual yielding to the plans of God for the local church. The spirits of the brethren were further uplifted by the words of God ministered by Pastor Mona Quillao, Area Coordinator of Southern Metro Manila. The message that was engraved in the hearts of the congregation shall serve as a guide to deliver an excellent service to our Almighty Father.

The day ended with the Talents Showcase prepared by the different Kawan groups comprising the local church. From songs of praises, to interpretative dances, to talk shows and to skits—the presentations brought not just entertainment, but a call to further strengthen and remain steadfast until the coming of Jesus Christ. The talents showcase also served as a reminder to everyone that, whatever the circumstance, whatever each one has to offer, is a living sacrifice that each can offer to praise the name of Jesus.

The month-long celebration of Malate Local served as a reminder and a proof that God has plans to make the faith of each one stronger through the coming years. From its humble beginnings to its present strength, the conclusion of the celebration commenced a hope anew, spirits empowered with eyes set upon the accomplishment of excellent service in the End-Time. (J. Ledesma)

Janine Ledesma