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Toronto’s Grand and Joyous 23rd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service

Grand. Elegant. Excellent. These are the words that best described the 23rd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in Toronto, which was held at the prestigious Brighton Convention Centre last Sunday, September 18th, 2016.
From the stage design to the adorning lights, everything was made very special for that day. Guests from all across the Greater Toronto Area and other cities in Ontario were immediately greeted at the lobby with live classical music from a grand piano.

The program started off with a symbolic opening act that magnified the Church of its glory. As the partakers marched in, excitement and anticipation filled the place. An atmosphere of joy, gratitude and awe was felt when the Praise and Worship team led the congregation in singing praises to the Lord. This was followed by the opening prayer offered by Ptr. Jocelyn Medina from Kingston, Ontario. Sis. Asherlyn Campos, the head minister of the local church of Toronto, officially welcomed everyone to the event while also highlighting the reason for the celebration.

Joining the attendance that day were recognized government officials, namely the MP for Scarborough-North, Shaun Chen, MP for Scarborough-Centre, Salma Zahid and MPP for Leeds-Grenville, Steve Clark, who offered their congratulations to the Church. It was then followed by God-glorifying songs of praise, most notably the Ebenezer Choir’s rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. Bro. Rodrigo Surilla, minister of the Ottawa Locale then introduced the keynote speaker of the event.

Blessed. Enlightened. Encouraged. These summed up the experience of those who came to hear the words of God ministered by the US & Canada District Coordinator and the speaker of the Surer TV Program, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol. The message was one that spoke of God’s invitation to the lost and weary and encouragement to the brethren to do their best service to God.
As a manifestation of their gratitude for His calling and saving grace, each one lined up and offered their sacrificial thanksgiving offering to God. Truly, the church anniversary of the PMCC (4th Watch) in Toronto was marked with victory and success. It was a day to fellowship with one another, and to also remember all the goodness God has poured out onto His Church. (K. Tanyag)