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Dedication to do Good Works in Molino Locale's 18th Church Anniversary

God poured out His abundant shower of blessings to our brethren in Molino Locale as they celebrated their 18th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving in Bacoor Coliseum last September 11. It is keynoted “Dedicating Ourselves to do Greater Works in the End Time ” (John 14:12).

The service began with thunderous praises and effervescent singing led by the Praise and Worship Team. And as the spiritual atmosphere was set, the opening prayer was led by Sis Cherry Castro. An awe-inspiring song of praise coming from the Cadets, Quartet, and Molino Celestial Voices lifted the name of the Lord.

Pastor Benny Concepcion conveyed the empowering words of God. He expounded on the greater works in the end time (John 14:12). So if we offer freely and joyously to Him, He will supply all our needs; we will abound in many thanksgiving, and that we will bring honor and praise to our God.

Tchr. Thess Tulisar, rose up a hearty and warm welcome to each and every visitor. Hundreds occupied the coliseum.

The successful celebration marked the culmination of efforts of brethren and pastoral staff alike to bring glory and honor to God despite of the many trials that came their way.