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Day 4 - 9th Middle-East District Conference.

Just like on the previous days, the fourth day of the 9th Middle-East District Conference had a refreshing and blessed start through a morning devotion. After exhorting to all brethren the Apostolic Way of Prayer, Pastor Elleza Palanca of Dubai Locale led the whole congregation to a fervent prayer. The devotion was shorty followed by an edifying and prudent seminar by Bishop Arturo Ferriol which he entitled “The Two Men In Us”.
During the day’s Worship Service, Bishop Aldrin Palanca offered a sequel of his seminar about Walking in the Apostolic Ways. This time, he pointed out that walking in the apostolic ways is walking with God, walking by faith and walking to perfection.

The Symposium in the afternoon was both enlightening and mind-enriching. It paved a venue for brethren to freely ask questions to the guest speakers about the Scripture, church doctrine and even the stand of the church on some social and political issues of the country.

The MBS Night and Dedication Service highlighted the evening with Bishop Art challenging the brethren to be like the Prophet Isaiah who boldly responded to God’s calling. After enumerating the reasons why brethren should give-in to God’s calling, some delegates were moved to decide and dedicate their lives in several ministries of the church, including to the full time ministry.

After a stirring and uplifting dedication, the brethren broke into cheers as the evening was capped with the giving of the PEP Apostolic Awards and the Shiloah Kingdom Builders Awards.