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Padilla Locale's 2nd Church Anniversary: Looking Forward for the Greater Glory

More than half a thousand attendees overflowed at the Service Hall of Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) Padilla Locale as brethren and visitors alike joyfully gathered to celebrate their 2nd Church Anniversary last September 11.

"Those who persevere until the end will see the glory of the second coming of the Lord" - Pastor Cecile Mendoza

As the guest speaker, Pastor Cecile studiously expounded the theme, "Looking Forward to the Greater Glory of the Present Church" taken from Haggai 2:9. She compellingly ministered the Words of God that moved scores of visitors into accepting Christ as their personal Savior.

Songs of praises from the MCA Preschool and Grade School Students, Padilla Youth Choir, and Padilla Adult Choir not only gave smiles and joy to the congregation but also prepared them in listening to the Words of God.

At night, the event concluded with a musical presentation entitle, "Liwanag" wherein the attendees' faith where once again strengthened and another victory was held by the Local Church of Padilla in the success of this anniversary.