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Milestone of Victory: Cubao Locale Church Anniversary

Another milestone of victory for the children of God in Cubao Locale Church: the brethren flocked at the President Tower at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, in Timog, Diliman, Quezon City as they celebrated their church anniversary last September 11, 2016.

With the theme “Looking Forward for the Greater Glory of the Present Church” as inspired by the excerpt from the book of Haggai 2:9, nothing better could ever summarize this occasion of God’s faithfulness to this church than this biblical verse through the message delivered by the Zion Area Coordinator, Pastor Polly Mendoza.

Earlier before the start of the Divine Worship, Brother Belmar Oribiana taught the words of God during the Sunday school service. During the worship, Master of Ceremonies, Sister Lizka Buenavidez led the congregation through the program. Song Leader Sister Tina Manahan on the other hand led the singing of hymns. Sister Leynee Trinidad led the brethren as each and every one knelt down for the opening prayer. The reading of the scriptures was headed by Brother Belmar Oribiana. The message of blessings during Offertory was delivered by Brother Jewel Pacinio, head pastor of Cubao locale. Afterwards, he welcomed the brethren and the visitors who were just attending for the first time, and also the keynote speaker which is no other than Pastor Polly Mendoza.

The theme for the anniversary ignited the faith of the believers through the word of God given by Pastor Polly Mendoza. Striking words of empowerment and encouragement for the brethren marks the sole purpose of this wonderful celebration; which is to continue to work hand in hand with the Apostle for the greater glory of the present church. Straight on, the brethren came to their respective homes with the gift of renewed spirits in the faith, and utmost joy in the achievement for what superb year it has been for the Cubao locale. (V. Evangelista)