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Various Performances Showcase on Marikina Locale’s Got Talent

One week after its Church Anniversary, the PMCC (4th Watch) Marikina Locale hosted another event entitled “Marikina’s Got Talent” to showcase the talents of the brethren for God’s glory. It was on the evening of September 11, 2016 wherein 8 groups performed on the stage of crowded PMCC Auditorium as they represent their respected areas.

After weeks of conceptualizing, practices, and spiritual preparation, the 8 groups representing their respected areas finally performed on the crowded PMCC Auditorium last September 11, 2016. It was a delightful to see brethren of all ages – from children to senior citizens – performing side by side.

First areas to perform were from Green, Peach, Yellow and Fuchsia areas. Their representatives performed drums and lyre, cultural dance, body worship and speech choir, respectively.

Before proceeding to the next part, there was a meditation of Word of God which was brought by Pastor Cecille Mendoza. Fitting to the occasion, she preached about the “Purpose of God in Giving Talents” which was taken from 1 Peter 4:10.

For the second part of the program, body worship utilizing black light, “The Champion” dance interpretation, choir and dance performances, and another cultural dance were showcased by brethren from Gold, Red, Blue, and Mint areas.

All of the acts were applauded with praises unto the Lord. The program ended as Pastor Dong Enoc led in thanking God for the victory through prayer.