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22 Years of God's Awesome Goodness to Macau Locale

To show the abundance of God's blessing, the Local Church of Macau celebrated their 22nd Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service last Sept 4.

Pastor Jun Marbida graced the gathering as the guest speaker. He ministered the message that manifested God’s continued grace to His church in accordance to the obedience that they displayed. The celebration took place at Casa Real Hotel where brethren along with their family, friends and guests gathered in giving thanks to God almighty.

The message revolved around the theme, "Perfect Obedience Until the Coming of the Lord" taken from 1 Timothy 6:14, wherein Pastor Jun, expounded on why and how obedience to God is a prerequisite in the 2nd Coming and he also uplifted and empowered their faith and spirits. The message emphasized that we must remember why we are here in the first place; everything we have including our salvation comes from Him and it is only right to give Him back all the praises and to bring Him all the glory through perfect obedience.

Taipa Locale, Macau Youth and Adult Choir, and the Elders, Kawan Leaders and Assistant Choir offered songs of praises that prepared the congregation in listening the Word of God.

A theatrical play entitled "The Message" was presented in the late afternoon which concluded the 22nd Church Anniversary celebration of Macau Locale.

This victorious event gave the chance for God’s people to come together to rejoice in all His goodness.