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Zion Area Stands on the Grace of Access by Faith

Despite the heavy rainfall last 14th of August, the brethren from the locale churches of Zion Area flocked at the Marikina Locale Church for the Zion Area Fellowship 2016. The children of God continue to be a living testimony of the faith through the commitment and devotion in worshipping the Lord, making the theme “Stand on the Grace of Access by Faith” true to each and every one of the brethren.

Two worships were held, dividing the Zion locale churches into two separate services. The first worship started in the morning, and the second one in the afternoon. During the first worship, the message of God was delivered by Pastor Cris Enriquez. The second worship on the other hand had Bishop Resting Zonio as the guest speaker. Both the powerful and faithful ministers of Christ and co-workers of the Apostle has delivered the message with great conviction, moving the hearts of the Church of God to remain truthful and devout to the mission through the faith that God has given His people. (V. Evangelista)