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Empowered and Set Free at Patmos Area Fellowship

Joining the local churches within the province of Bulacan, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Patmos Area Fellowship was held last June 26 at Guiguinto Municipal Arts and Culture Center.

Empowering the hundreds of attendees through expounding the theme, "The Essence of Truth that Makes Man Free" taken from John 8:32, Bishop Osie Quillao graced the event as the guest speaker.

As the gathering began, the presence of the Lord was indeed heartfelt as the congregation sang with perseverance. Pastor Marina De Luna warmly greeted the brethren as well as the visitors in her welcome remarks. She also encouraged the brethren into faithful giving as she delivered the offertory message.

Songs of praises uplifted unto God by Malolos, Sapang Palay, and Plaridel Locale respectively, prepared the audience in listening the words of God which was compellingly ministered by Bishop Osie.

With the acceptance of the visitors to God's word, the success of the Patmos Area Fellowship was indeed evident even to the lives of the brethren.