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6th UAE Fellowship

With exceeding gladness and great excitement in the hearts of the brethren, the brothers and sisters in Christ from the locale churches of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujeirah, Umm Al Qwain and Dubai, though traveled distances, made their way and joyfully gathered together in one accord for their 6th UAE Fellowship last June 10, 2016.
The work of God was manifested in the midst of the saints! The venue of the area fellowship was really a jam-packed, occupying the whole Al Thuraya Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Deira, Dubai with hundreds of both brethren and visitors as they worship the Lord. The service started with a lively Praise and Worship, and presentation of featured testimonies.
The Worship proper immediately followed, beginning with the procession of the church elders, lay workers, partakers and ministers. The four corners of the venue were filled with resounding praises and adoration as Dubai Locale Praise and Worship Team led the congregation in joyful singing to the Lord.
Pastor Lito Correos, Locale-Head of Fujeirah, solemnly entrusted the fellowship event to God as he led the worshippers in the opening prayer. Pastor Elleza Palanca of Dubai Locale, amiably greeted everybody and warmly welcomed everyone to the assembly. The reading of the Holy Scripture was ministered by Bro. Rey Changco of Al Ain Locale.
As everyone was anticipating to hear the preaching of the Word, uplifting Songs of Praises were offered to God by the brethren from Ajman, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and DDF. The Lord’s name was even more exalted when the Dubai SOS Male Chorus sang another beautiful song along with the accompaniment of the budding Dubai Strings Harmony.
Pastor Andy Pabelico, the Head Pastor of Doha, Qatar delivered the message of blessings, stirring up the faith of the congregation in giving generously for the mission of God. Beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca, Gilead Area Coordinator, ministered the Holy Words of God that was centered to the theme of this gathering, “Pursuing Excellence in Every Way of Service” from 2 Corinthians 8:7. He expounded the reasons why a member of the church must pursue excellence in every way of service: to learn more excellent way, to do better than the best, and to glorify God’s name.
The powerful Message of God really touched the hearts of the brethren as well as the visitors that led them to proclaim their faith and acceptance for Jesus Christ as their Savior. Bishop Aldrin then offered up prayers for them and to those who are sick.
It is really good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity, and the recent 6th UAE Fellowship has been a showcase of that unity in the spirit! After the event, everyone was instilled with a passionate desire to be excellent in every way of service to God, praise the Lord!