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Overwhelming Felicitations for the Successful Bicol District Camp

With the theme “Finishing the Works of Christ’ from John 9:4, the sheer number of delegates from all over the Bicol Region were once delighted to be part of one of the anticipated gatherings of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th watch) - the District Camp. God is indeed generous to His Church as He appointed men to deliver His strength and mercy through His words.

During the opening service, Pastor Edgar Sumatra, head pastor of Gibeon Area Coordinator, expressed his utmost joy in his welcome remarks. Brethren meditate on the theme as Bishop Art Ferriol, one of the Church Bishops and Overseers, deeply stressed the need to play a vital part in accomplishing the works of Christ.

During the first day of the District Camp that was held at Sta Cruz. Elementary School, it was everyone’s desire to be present in the morning devotion to fuel one’s work unto Him. The words of God were given by Pastor Sonny Camiro, Polangui Locale Head Pastor and Bishop Art before the church kneeled down to pray. The congregation quickly went back to the pavilion after breakfast to listen to the seminars of Bro. Archie Ferriol and Bishop Art Ferriol. They were given the chance to ask questions regarding their topic. Basketball and Volleyball games were also held simultaneously in the afternoon. At exactly 4:30 in the afternoon, the worship service was held and Bishop Art Ferriol continued his encouragement to the brethren to take part in the mission of Christ. Literary contests were held right after the worship.

God’s abundant blessings rested in the hearts of every delegate during the morning prayer as Pastor Jerry Villanueva, head pastor of Goa Locale, delivered the importance of prayer. Bishop Art Ferriol emphasized the proper manner in prayer. The brethren happily absorbed the messages from God through certain seminars given again by Bro Archie Ferriol and Bishop Art Ferriol, focusing on the topics about True Love of God and 70 Weeks respectively. Singing contests and yell competition were also held in the afternoon. The spirit of God absolutely works during the service as Bishop Art Ferriol intensely inspired the brethren with the words of God and they were able to dedicate their lives.

Sunday Devotion was indeed a day of thanksgiving as Pastor Edgar Sumatra delivered God’s word and stressed how blessed we are to be trusted by God to do His works. Bro Archie Ferriol delivered the message during the Sunday School while Bishop Art Ferriol shared God’s desire during Worship Service. Hundreds of delegates have shown their overwhelming felicitations in for the success of this 3-day Bicol District Camp. To God be all the glory.