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Occidental Mindoro Holds Its First Summer Camp

Berea Area, comprised of the local churches of Sablayan, Magsikap, Central, Abra, Sta. Cruz, Ambulong, Magsaysay, Bulalacao, Semirara and San Jose of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) gathered for the first time, holding it’s own camp for 2016. With the theme, “Finishing the Works of Christ” from John 9:4. The PMCC Auditorium in Labangan San Jose, was furnished with thousands of campers last May 21-24, 2016.

First day

The welcome night service was held at 4:00 in the afternoon. Everyone arrived well-groomed in worshipping the Lord. Songs of praise echoed throughout the hall being led by San Jose Praise and Worship Team together with SJOM Dancers lifting –up their voices in glorifying God. Special numbers were offered by the choirs of Sablayan, Magsikap and SJOM . Present in this event was Pastor Polly Mendoza, the Greater Marikina District Coordinator, who powerfully ministered the words of God. He stressed that the time we are now living is short and perilous. And so, we must make use of it, our efforts and energy in serving God. 

Second day

The spiritual thirst of the brethren were quenched through the fully-packed seminars and words of enlightenment. The congregation had a chance to fully commune with God through daily morning devotion. Pastor Rowena and Pastor Jun Marbida, the Laguna District Coordinator were the ones who spoke during seminars. Divine worship was set in the evening service. Magsaysay and Central local churches offered songs of worship before Pastor Polly ministered the words of God.

Third day

Campers had an exciting schedule on the third day. They were group into teams and compete in different contest category. Teams were Red Fighters, Amazing Green, Yellow Conquerors, Gold Mighty Warriors and Blue Thunder. Everyone cheered their members on yell and different sports competition and build unity and camaraderie among their group. At the end of the game, the overall champion was the Gold Mighty Warriors.

Last day

The dedication night, a time to renew one’s faith and dedicating oneself to God, was held in the final day of the camp. The program began with the parade of bible students and program partakers. Afterwards, a stage play about dedication were also presented showing how blessed a life serving God. MBS Quintet and Berea MBS rendered a song of praise preparing brethren’s hearts in listening to the words of God ministered by Pastor Jun Marbida.

“Ang kalakasan ng tao ay lumilipas, ngunit kapag naipaglingkod sa Panginoon ay mas higit na nanaging makabuluhan. Kanino natin ipapagamit ang ating buhay, ang ating lakas? Mabuting bagay pag ito ay italaga natin para sa Panginoon.” thus said, Pastor Jun.

Messages touched the hearts of believers. Youngsters and adults were moved to express their faith, as they kneel down and pray on the stage during altar call. Scores were encouraged and sworn to fully dedicate their lives to the ministry. Meanwhile, an awarding of trophies and medals to the winners concluded the days event.

Although others need to travel far and even crossed an island just to be part of this blessed event, it’s all worth it. For all this sacrifices could not be equal to the blessings and edifying words of God they heard as they became part of this glorious event in the church.