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AIT 4th Commencement Exercises

The 4th Commencement Ceremony of the graduating class of Associate in Theology was held on May 13, 2016, just a day after the graduation rite of the Maranatha Bible School.

The graduating class for this year calls themselves as “Christ’s End-Time Stewards of the Gospel” inspired from the book of Ephesians 1:10. Associate in Theology is a special two-year course in Theology offered by the Maranatha Bible School for high school and college graduates of the church, spearheaded by the apostle himself. For the school year 2015-2016, a total of 57 students completed the two-year program, comprising of 20 male candidates and 37 female candidates.

The MBS hymn was led by Sis. Michelle Anne C. Calaycay, an AIT student from the local church of Hawaii. Bro. Alvin Buenavista led his fellow students in reciting the MBS Panata. Sis Judy Colico headed the praise and worship team. The invocation was led by Ptr. Jun Alano, a member of the church council. The reading of the Holy Scriptures was guided by Bro. Reynan Jay Alfaro. Upcoming church and MBS activities were announced by Sis. Joy Barlan. Selected 2nd year AIT students rendered a song of praise followed by the offertory message delivered by Bro. Ramon Valdez.

Pastor Leticia S. Ferriol, the general OIC of the Maranatha Bible School presented the MBS faculty and committee members, and introduced this year’s class speakers. First speaker is Bro. Jeff Lanorio, an Education degree holder. The batch president, Sis Seham Khalfan Mubarik who hails from UAE is the second speaker. The third speaker, Sis. Nikka Fernandez, is from Manila and is a member of the Special Team.

The graduating class offered a joyful song of praise as they sang “Blessed be the Name.” Ptr. Rene Fremista, MBS OIC, presented the candidates for graduation. The Dean of the MBS, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol awarded the diplomas to the graduates. Finally, the graduating class once again offered the highest praise unto God as they lifted their voice in “I Surrender All.”

Indeed, this graduation ceremony created an atmosphere of dedication among witnesses and audience; and a challenge to those who have already in the ministry. (M. Fernandez)