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The Goodman of the House Building Groundbreaking Ceremony

Job 8:7, "Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end should greatly increase."
This day, April 15, 2016, marks again another history of faith to the 4th watchers as the Manila Locale celebrates its Groundbreaking Ceremony for the start of The Goodman of the House Building Construction.
This ceremony carries a theme "Declaring God's Marvellous Works in His Church in Awe", culled from Psalms 64:9-10.
The program starts with a musical intro of the Dokimos Christian Band (DCB) as the Apostle's Council enters the groundbreaking lot.
Beautiful and knee-shaking worship songs encage the whole ground as Sis. Johanan Quillao and the DCB lead the singing of praises. Bishop Domingo Ferriol leads everyone in prayer.
Ptr. Mona Quillao warmly welcomes all ministers, brethren and guests in the name of the Lord.
Bishop Osinando Quillao expounds the cause of The Goodman of the House (TGH) Building while showing the video presentation of TGH Building. Added to this, he presents the TGH Building's Construction Team.
Bishop Arturo Ferriol, one of the Church Bishops and Overseers, prays for the construction team.
Moving on, Pastor Jun Marbida, one of the members of Apostle's Council, ministers the words of blessings, encouraging the brethren to give generously whatever we can share for The Goodman of the House Building Construction.
In between the parts of the program are songs of praises lifted to glorify the name of the Lord from Pastor Levi Ferriol, California District Head Minister, who sings "Time Has Come" and Bro. Kemuel Quillao, Manila Locale Minister, sings "This is Amazing Grace".
It is an overwhelming experience to hear the congratulatory messages from Evangelist Ptr. Leticia S. Ferriol, Bishop Arturo Ferriol, Bishop Domingo Ferriol and Bishop Rustico Zonio.
Success comes not from man but from God who is always full with love and grace. As everyone sings I Surrender All, Apostle dedicates a solemn prayer for the building construction.
Subsequently, the much awaited part of the program has arrived, the overwhelming Ceremonial Groundbreaking which includes the Shovel Ceremony, Signing of TGH Building Perspective, Sealing of the Time Capsule, Unveiling of the Stone Marker and the Ceremonial Balloon Release.
Manila Choir render a song of dedication and consecration for the building as they stand around the lot.
The Lord has completed the brethren’s joy and celebration with His words ministered by the Sent One of God, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol.
The ceremony has culminated with a heartfelt prayer by Bishop Osie Quillao.
This day has truly marked the beginning of yet another great and marvellous work of God in His church.
To God Be the Glory! -J. Martinez