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Mighty and Miraculous Works of God Revives the Faith on Luzon Camp’s Dedication Night

On the last day of Luzon Camp 2016, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ceases not. It was continuously being experienced by the people of God in the End-Time.
Early in the morning devotion, Pastor Eva Quines in her message entitled “The Role of Prayer in Finishing the Work of God” prepared the brethren’s hearts in coming before the throne of God’s grace in prayer.
Bishop Aldrin Palanca, enlightened the congregation as he expounds, one by one, the works of Christ that the End-Time church must finish. According to him, our victory in the faith as Christians is when we finish the work entrusted to us.
Following the first seminar, Bishop Art Ferriol reminded the brethren about the brevity of time we have left to finish the work that Christ started here on earth. We must seize the time and press on to the mission we have received from Him.
During the dedication service, the brethren awaits the final wave of blessings God has in stored for them at this very last service. Shouts of praises, glorifying the Lord, reverberates throughout the service hall setting the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to freely work on every believer present. Bishop Jonathan Ferriol delivered the message of God and underscored the truth that our time is the time to harvest, time of favor, time of Jubilee! The whole creation waits in eager expectation to what mighty and majestic works God will do in us, through us and with us in the end time. Having known these, we must seek to consecrate ourselves for consecration is God’s pre-requisite in doing marvelous things.
Before Luzon camp 2016 officially ended, the whole Church have been awakened. They became witnesses of God's irrefutable miracle as our Beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, fully healed, walks His faith; bringing with him the miracle that God wants him to testify.
This marvelous and most memorable event in our church history was a great revival for every camper. We are to heed God's will by obeying and responding to His appointed preachers and to partake in fulfilling the work of Christ in the last days. (P. De Vera)