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Abu Dhabi's Grand Senakulo - The Power of Christ’s Death

As the whole Christendom commemorates the Holy week season through the depiction of the life, sufferings, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch Theatrical Production of Abu Dhabi Locale, headed by Sis. Carol Celis with the full support of our beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca and Ptr. Elleza Palanca, once again brought us the spirit of the Lenten season staging the “Grand Senakulo - The Power of Christ’s Death”.

With a seating capacity of 260, the play was held in the biggest auditorium of Al Mariah Mall, accommodating an over-flowing number of audiences from Abu Dhabi and different emirates of UAE. Aiming to awaken the spirituality and restore relationship to God, the play served its purpose and conveyed how Jesus redeemed us from our sins and saved mankind through the love of God, a worthy endeavor of spreading the gospel and evangelizing the lost moreover with the message from our beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca that inspired and spiritually blessed the attendees.

The production of ninety-three casts, committees and staff with the participation of Dubai Locale brethren assisting on workshop, lights & sounds, make-up and media coverage made the event even more memorable to both casts and visitors. Another milestone of God’s works to His children from its humble beginnings to a more glorious service unto God.