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1st International Elders and Adult Officers Fellowship with the Apostle for 2016: A Success

Close to a thousand Elders and Adult officers of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) from different provinces of Luzon, Visayas and countries abroad had flocked together at AATF Sports Complex in Malagasang, Imus Cavite last January 30, 2015. Gathered to once again celebrate the Apostolic calling of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, the sent one of God in the end-time. Making themselves devoted in the Apostle's teachings and doctrines, they had chosen the theme, "Apostolic Calling, Trusted Service" from Acts 2:42.

Began with resounding joy and praises in the Lord, the program was entrusted to God by one of the members of the church council, Pastor Jun Alano. Bishop Resting Zonio, the Northern Luzon Overseer, took the stage as he warmly gave his welcome remarks. Meanwhile, a video presentation featured testimonials on some modeled adults who have shown extraordinary work of service and how God greatly blessed them with both material and spiritual things.

Special numbers were offered by the National Adult officers, trio, and Christ End-time Messenger as they sang delightedly for the Lord. They prepared everyone's heart in receiving God's holy words.

Pastor Jun Marbida, the National Adult Department adviser, acknowledged the presence of some delegates coming from abroad, Luzon and Visayas areas. He was also humbled and honored to introduce Apostle Arsenio Ferriol as the keynote speaker. "We are God's people; for above all we are chosen. I am a son of God not by my color nor language, I am a son of God for he has chosen me. And He has chosen me through His words" Apostle Arsenio declared. Emboldened words marked in everyone's heart, encouraging them to give their right hand of support to the sent one of God and to the church as they were expected to give their trusted service.

Recognition of individual success and efforts like soul winner award, prayer warrior, kawan leadership, liberal in giving, opened up extension, honorary and exemplary award followed afterwards. Meanwhile, Pastor Rowena Marbida concluded the event through prayer