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Day 4: MBS Night Celebrates 40 Years of Walking in the Apostolic Way

Day 4 of the 26th International Convention was memorable not only for the brethren but for each minster, bible student and AIT student as it was the day that the event commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the Maranatha Bible School.

Founded in 1975, the MBS produced more than two thousand ministers, who were trained under the tutelage of the Goodman of the House. This is no small feat, as these same ministers have been instrumental in proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord and in forwarding the mission God has entrusted to His Apostle, which is to Evangelize the Lost and Edify the Saints.

Because of the Maranatha Bible School, the Church has now reached 62 countries all over the world and have brought tens of thousands of souls to the Lord.

To celebrate this momentous event, the Church has pulled out all the stops, and have made sure that the MBS Night was something the Church will remember. To start off the event, the Church saw the entrance of the Flags, followed by the entrance of this year's currently enrolled Bible Students and AIT students, from all the different chapters of the MBS. They were followed by the different MBS teachers, faculty and staff, followed by no less than Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, Dean of the MBS.

Showcasing the different countries that the Church have reached through the MBS-trained ministers, a multi-lingual corporate prayer, opened the evening service. A video presentation, as well as a speech-choir presentation showed the development of the MBS, from its founding, to its current glorious state.

Speaking during the event was Bishop Jonathan Ferriol. He spoke about The Making of the Man of God. God is in the business of making a man who will be after his mind and heart. He invited both young people and married people to enter the full-time ministry and for everyone to rededicate himself or herself to the Lord.

As a result, many young people answered the call to enter the full-time ministry and undergo training and education in the Maranatha Bible School.