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Great @ 8: Dubai Celebrates 8 Years of God's Greatness

In a remarkable display of God’s power in the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Dubai Locale, nearly 1,200 visitors and brethren joined together in an elated celebration of the church’s 8th Anniversary & Thanksgiving Service held last September 11, 2015 at the Al Thuraya Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Deira. Leading this special “Great @ 8” event were Bishop Aldrin Palanca, Gilead Area Coordinator, and Pastor Elleza Palanca, Dubai Locale Head Minister. Worshippers and visitors alike were taken into deep contemplation of the event’s theme “Saved for a Holy Calling” (2 Timothy 1:9) through the preaching of the beloved evangelist and honoured guest speaker, Pastor Leticia Ferriol.

Also present in the program was the ambassador of the Philippines to the UAE, Her Excellency Grace Relucio Princesa.With a thrilling salvo, the Dubai Selah Performing Arts Group opened the occasion by rendering a dramatic and splendid presentation entitled “The Messenger of the End-Time” depicting an analogy between the lives and calling of Noah and the Goodman of the House. A featured video, “8 Growing Ministries in 8 Years” was also presented to the congregation exhibiting the increasing and advancing programs and ministries of the locale.

Head Minister of Dubai Locale, Pastor Elleza Palanca, joyfully welcomed everyone. She humbly remarked that the achievements which Dubai Locale has attained in 8 years were only made possible through God’s provision. Songs of praise performed by the brethren of Abu Dhabi Locale, SOS Male Chorus and the Dubai Praise Chorale also added up to the glorious atmosphere of the celebration.

On the message of offering and blessing, Bishop Aldrin Palanca emphasized that giving offering is an act of good work and a way of supporting the mission and partnership with the preachers in spreading the gospel. He also noted that in serving God, giving is a requisite. Everyone felt more blessed when the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol’s video greeting was played. He encouraged each one to continue to bear fruits for the Lord as this is the purpose of His calling to us.

Coming to the highlight of the Worship Service, Pastor Leticia Ferriol expounded the need of man for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Since man’s greatest dilemma is his destination after death, Pastor Lhet enlightened everyone, especially the visitors that one can be assured of eternity in heaven with God once man believed in the gospel and be baptised. She also clarified that religion will not guarantee salvation, but Jesus Christ does.

Hundreds came to accept Christ during the altar call to which Pastor Let was glad to offer a solemn prayer for them. As an act of gratitude to the bountiful blessings of the Lord, the brethren faithfully offered their Thanksgiving Offering prior to the Holy Communion.

Capping the anniversary celebration was the 4th Annual Mass Baptism held at the sanctuary of the locale, and by God’s grace 30 souls were initially baptised. To God be the glory!