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A Glorious Summer Event: PMCC 4th Watch Europe 2015 Summer Camp

Euphoria in Europe! That would best describe the glee of the Philippi District brethren as the triumphant opening of the 15th Euro Summer Camp was successfully held at Holiday Inn Rome, Italy.

The event was initiated with the Parade of Colors representing European nations of established local churches along with their respective muses. This year's event started on the 5th to 9th of August 2015 with the timely theme "Abiding in Christ" from the book of John 15:7.

Gracing the occasion was Bishop Arturo Ferriol, Bro. Archie Ferriol and the ever-dynamic Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. We were also blessed with the presence of our endeared ministers Pastor Gallagher Concepcion, Western Pacific Coordinator and Pastor Rhodora Ramos from the local church of Maui, Hawaii.

Several competitions highlighted the duration of the Summer Camp like Yell Competition, Preaching Contest of different departments, as well as the thrilling Song Interpretation and the exhilarating Choir Competition. The Grand worship was then ministered by Bishop Art Ferriol as he give emphasis on the importance of abiding in Christ, in the Church and His True Sent Ones.

The five-day event was concluded with the Awarding Ceremony facilitated by none other than the Europe District Coordinator Pastor Violy Concepcion who once had envisioned the "Diaspora" end-time mission of saturating Europe with the powerful words of God. Truly God's hand is upon us and continually increasing the number of participants year after year. (AL Santos)